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Harmony in every occasion: Elevate your events with a choir singing in English

If you are seeking to elevate your event with a blend of jazz, gospel, and pop music, our choir is ready to bring joy to your gathering. Elevate Your Event with a Soulful Harmony. We look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the success of your event and provide an unforgettable musical experience for you and your guests. We are available for hire for events of all sizes. We have experience performing at weddings, corporate parties, festivals, and concerts.  

Here is a small sample of songs we can sing at your event: 


Sing with our choir in English

If you are looking for a fun and energizing choral experience in Lausanne, look no further! Our choir has a passion for songs in English and our repertoire features several music genres, such as Gospel, Pop, and Jazz.  

While we predominantly sing in English, we occasionally include songs in a foreign language such as French or Zulu, to mention but two, adding an exciting multicultural flavour to our performances. As a unique feature, we believe in versatility and provide an extraordinary opportunity for members to explore a variety of songs in English and beyond.  

We welcome members who are passionate and comfortable singing in English, knowing that the practices are directed in French by our dynamic leader. It is not essential, however, to speak French, as help is always available from a friendly and supportive crowd. Our repertoire includes some exceptional classics such as those performed by Queen (fill in others here) and more. See more HERE (link to page)  

Get ready for a journey of exceptional music and a friendship that will last a lifetime! 

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“Centre Socioculturel de Prélaz-Valency” below the “Temple St-Marc”, chemin de Renens 12c, 1004 Lausanne from 18.50-20.50.